Celebrate Good Times

Houston’s…We have no problems!

This will be the last mention of our anniversary, I promise… well until next year! Tonight we went out for dinner. The Hubby surprised me with our favorite restaurant, Houston’s Hillstone. It has such a great vibe. It has a modern sixties look with live piano and amazing food. A few blocks from our house, it makes for a nice little walk and the weather made it just perfect. On our way back from Houston’s, I thought it would be fun to do a little photo op. M is great at shooting for me, so he took most of the pictures. There is this unique, mysterious apartment building across from our home with a beautiful brick structure, so we decided to shoot there. These are a few shots from our mini shoot (a neighbor walking by took the picture of us while holding his two poodles)!

I got this great LBD (LONG black dress) earlier today, and like always, I just can’t wait to wear it at the first chance I get. So… here it is! It’s a nice comfy dress, but I decided to dress it up a bit with some metallic detailed heels. Classic, with a little twist is my favorite style. Let me know what you think!

Oh and how I wish I would’ve taken a picture of Matt’s delicious Hickory Smoked BBQ Burger, my Cajun spiced Trout, and our mouth watering 5 nut brownie. To die for! You’ll just have to imagine it.

Talk tomorrow? I think so. Night ya’ll. Sweet dreams.



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