Recipe for Delicious

I’ll have Syrup with that.


Syrup is a quaint breakfast restaurant located in the heart of Cherry Creek. It’s our favorite place to eat breakfast and we go every Saturday morning.

I love walking in and being greeted by the owner, Tim. As we sit down at the table we read over the large menu trying to decide what we’re in the mood for. M’s favorite thing to get is the breakfast burrito and mine varies, but the Jan omelet ranks highest.

M’s breakfast burrito comes smothered in green salsa with a side of sour cream. My omelet is stuffed with green onions and I always order a side of fruit like the one in the photo.

Today we went for lunch since we won’t get to go tomorrow. Because tomorrow… We will be in Disneyworld! More to come on that later.

We spent the day packing, cleaning, and getting ready. Now we’re off!



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