Day at a Time

Home Again. Home Again.

Walking through the door after a long vacation always feels so good. You can finally take a breath and just… relax (especially when we cleaned the house before we left!). It’s nice to sit down, cuddle up on the couch, catch up on our emails and enjoy this quiet time before life starts up again.

I love sitting here thinking about my favorite moments from our latest adventure. Gamma, as they call Matt’s Grandmother, was so much fun to watch as she experienced her first trip to Disneyworld. Lauren, Matt’s sister, and her husband, Justin, walking together, hand in hand, weaving through the little kids and families. Matt’s parents, smiling with utter joy because their family is all together in one place, the happiest place on earth. And by far my favorite part, watching the fireworks over the castle with my husband’s arms around me.

So now we’re back home and ready to take on the world again! I hope everyone has had a fabulous week so far! I’d love to here what you’ve been up to! Work? Vacation? Any funny things to share!? Tell me about it!



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