Day at a Time

Raindrops on Roses

…What a cavity-filled day that would be!

My sweet husband and I walked down the street and got breakfast at Syrup this morning. Afterward, we walked over to the mall for a little shopping. It was a beautiful day, but when we looked up, we saw the dark storm clouds rolling in.

We had a great time walking and shopping. Got some pretty little things, and then we decided to head home. The clouds were spitting a bit, so we had a nice little rainy walk home. We held hands and walked like it was a sunshiny day!

I love that a rainy walk home can be fun, just because I’m doing it with my darling. He makes just about everything fun.

On another note, tomorrow will be a pretty big day for the folks that attend Landmark Tabernacle. Tomorrow is the reveal of our newly renovated sanctuary. We’ve all been couped up in our tiny youth center, so we’re excited to see the new, modern sanctuary! I’ll give you an update after church tomorrow.

So what have ya’ll been up to this Saturday? Did you get stuck in the rain or were you tucked away inside?


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