Day at a Time

Smell the Flowers


Some days were made to just go out, take a walk and smell the flowers. Today was one of those days. You know, when you get home after a great church service, but don’t want to stay couped up inside. So, we decided to walk to our favorite card shop and buy Father’s Day cards.

On our way, we passed the beautiful houses that line our neighborhood streets. I always enjoy looking at the gorgeous flowers and landscapes in the yards.

One day, when we have our beautiful home, I will have one of those yards. It will be filled with bright, cheery flowers and greenery. I can’t wait until that ONE day when our yard is not only filled with lovely shrubbery, but adorable little kiddos too!  Oh what a day that will be… but I can’t think about that now. College first, college first…

So, how was your Sunday? Did you enjoy a lively church service, a walk outside or both!?



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