Day at a Time, What to Wear

Today is a New Day


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Today is a new day for me
Yesterday is my past
I will learn from it
Tomorrow is my future
I will plan for it
I will not waste today.

So it’s really goofy and quirky, but if you went to Bert Rumble Middle School, this should sound familiar. This was our daily speech we had to all repeat together after the pledge of every morning.

Babk then, this didn’t mean much. Then, we were thinking about boys, clothes, boys, and maybe some school in there too.

Now, remembering this (Yes, I remembered it allmwithout looking it up!), it has a different meaning. Since the time I was repeating this in middle school until now, I’ve learned so many new things, gotten married, moved across the country, and gotten to meet so many wonderful people because of it.

This speech we read takes on a whole new meaning. I have a different perspective now.

Each morning is new. It’s a restart. We learn from what happened the day before. We do our very best to not make the same mistakes, to try harder at our job and do our very best in this new day.

I am a planner to my very core. I am the one who writes down my entire schedule, in detail for the week; what I might wear and what we might eat for dinner. I not only plan for the week, I like to plan for the next few years. It’s a stress reliever for me.

But with all that planning, I have to think about today. What plans will I make today? What decisions am I going to make? Will I pray on my way to work? Will I listen to music while I get ready? Simple and difficult decisions arise throughout the day. How will i react? How will respond?

But the most important… How can I used my time wisely, and NOT waste the day.

So take time with those daily tasks. Think about your response before saying something or reacting to a thought that crosses your mind. Instead of turning up the music on your way home from the office, call a friend to tell them you’re thinking about them. Something like that.

Whatever decision you make, make it worth your while and make that day stick out from the 365 days in the year. Why not? That day won’t last forever.



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