Celebrate Good Times, Day at a Time

Happy Father’s Day to the Best Dads Around

Daddys, Happy Father’s Day!

To my Dad, Ron Silverman.

I am so blessed that you were in my life through all of the ups and downs since  the day I was born. You always made sure we got to spend time together and see each other as much as possible. Together, we’ve been all over the country and seen so many beautiful sites. Because of you, I have a love for travel. I have a love for trying new things. You taught me to do my best in everything from swimming to school. I will never forget all of the times, especially as an adult, that you’ve told me how proud you are of me.

I love you, Dad.

To my Dad, Mike Zeppa.

You and I have so many memories. From our first Christmas together when I got so many presents and you made SURE I knew Santa brought them, to my 18th birthday, surprising me with my dream car, a Mercedes. I have inherited expensive taste, style (interior and fashion), and even my taste for coffee from you. It’s amazing, that although we don’t share the same DNA, how much we are alike. I appreciate all that you did for me growing up and all you still do.

I love you, Daddy Mike.

To my Dad-in-law, Brian Hubbell.

What a wonderful son you and Mama Sue created. He has a heart after God and is such a loving husband. I thank God for you and Sue everyday that you brought him up to be such an amazing man. You are such a great example for him to look up to. He has learned from you how to be a great husband, leader of the family and someday he will look up to you even more when he is a dad too. Thank you for all you do for us. You are truly the best father-in-law. I am so blessed.

We love you, Daddy Brian.



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