Day at a Time

My Honey Bunches of Oats

This man is wonderful. He’s the perfect husband. It’s true.

When I walked through the door tonight, I noticed right away “someone” had straightened up. Everything on the desk was neatly stacked and the shoes were put away.

It’s things like these that make make me love my husband. He knows that before we go on vacation, I always like the house tidied up. When we come home from a long vacation, I love walking through the door to our home, home sweet home.

He’s knows me so well and is always there for me. He encourages and helps me so much. I am so thankful he’s in my life. I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else.

I love you, baby.

One last day at work before we leave. Tomorrow we work and pack. Saturday night we leave. We get to take a nice, six day vacation to New Jersey.

We will stay with my wonderful Aunt and Uncle and my Dad will meet us there. We will also get to visit my sweet grandfather, Pop. We are bringing him a special little gift. Dr. Suess’s Hop on Pop. He’s going to love it.

Well, updates on packing later. Because that’s a whole other story.


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