Day at a Time

Be Kind. Rewind.


So, I saw this quote. I saw it, and it really expresses what I want in this blog. It really describes me.

I liked to be silly. I get that from my mom. She is downright hilarious. You know the type. She whispers something totally inappropriate in your ear during church and you just can’t hold it in any longer and you bust out laughing in the middle of announcements and then everyone looks at you like you’re crazy. Yeah, that’s my mother.

It is really important to me to be an honest person. Honest in the way I speak, work and in my actions. It’s a very Christian thing to be. I think friends, family and coworkers respect you more when you are honest. Honesty is a great way of life.

Being kind is huge. Being kind will get you far in life. Celebrating someone’s small victories with a card, making cupcakes for a friend or even just telling someone how beautiful they are today. You know, random acts of kindness, are always nice.

So, those are my words for the day. Happy weekend, friends.


2 thoughts on “Be Kind. Rewind.

  1. Have you seen the movie be kind rewind? It’s directed by Michel Gondry- same director as eternal sunshine of the spotless mind! I like your blog – very inspiring 🙂

    • Thank you SO much! You know, I haven’t. I have definitely heard of it and saw countless trailers before it came out. The title stuck in my mind. I will have to watch it!


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