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Mix it Up.




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How do you feel about stripes and paisley? Too much, a bit funky maybe? What are your thoughts?

Today I was in the mood to MIX IT UP!  So, this is what I came up with. A neutral striped, oversized summer sweater and a purply. paisley pencil skirt. I added my go to nude pumps with the bows. You know the ones!

So altogether, all I know is, it put me in a good mood. I was comfortable all day and still have it on as I write.

What are your favorite things to MIX IT UP for the unexpected? Tell me about it!

Day at a Time, Think Healthy, You

Tonight, I write. I run.


Tonight, I’m sitting here on the couch thinking about the day. Matt’s laying on the bed relaxing before it’s time for sleep. I just went on a run and am ready for a nice long shower before bed. But about today. It was a good one, not too out of the ordinary. Our dinner was really quirky. I didn’t really plan ahead. The day went so fast I ended drinking my breakfast shake all day. So lunch was pretty much non-existent. Unless, you count the delicious peach I munched on around 2pm.

So, today I worked. I came home. I ate a leftover Thai basil wrap (it was fantastic) and then went running through Cherry Creek. I ran the ENTIRE time. THAT is new. You see, my husband LOVES running. He just finished up his “run one mile everyday no matter what” goal. He’s good at running. Me, not so much. I like it when I can do it, when I can run a WHOLE mile without stopping. That makes me happy. But that hasn’t happened in a while.

Tonight I just felt like running. Instead of doing my Monday night yoga, I ran. I ran and ran and ran. I ran 1.3 miles without stopping. That’s huge for me. I know, I know all you fitness gurus are laughing at me, but I can do other things. Running is just not one of my favorites. So, tonight I celebrate the day. I celebrate my little BIG run.

Thank you for your applause. It’s appreciated.

Enjoy the Little Things

Monday’s Little Things



1. Good morning kisses

2. Batman

3. Late night Ice Cream

4. A new dress

5. Cheetah Print

6. Strawberries & Cream Shake

7. Long walks

8. Red Doors

9. Dowtown Denver

10. Guest Blog Posts… Coming soon!

Wow, it’s already Monday. Can you believe it! The weekend flew by. I’m ready to take on the day! How about you?!

Happy Monday, Friends!

Day at a Time

A Walk & A Treat


Yumm.. A treat after a gorgeous walk in Wash Park.

Day at a Time

An Afternoon in Denver


Today we had a wonderful time with friends and their ADORABLE little baby girl at lunch. I am always a suckers for babies, but especially little girls. She was the cutest little things. Later on, we decided last minute to head downtown for some shopping and entertainment. It was the perfect end to our Saturday.

How was your Saturday? Go anywhere? Do anything fun?

Day at a Time, What to Wear

OutFIT Friday




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Well, it’s the weekend. We have brunch with friends scheduled, maybe a try at golf and we’ll see what else comes our way. I’m just happy it’s the weekend! I need it.

Tonight I enjoyed an amazing run in the rain. It felt SO good. I actually ran the entire time (well, minus about 3 blocks while I was trying to get my hood to stay on my head). I’m sure I was a sight.

So, anyone have anything exciting going on this weekend? Tell me about it!

Day at a Time

Oh Sunflower Day!


Tonight I sat on the couch doing some work on the computer when my husband walk in the door. He comes up beside me carrying a gorgeous bouquet of SUNFLOWERS! They are beautiful. THAT is why I love my husband. He put a reminder in his phone at the BEGINNING of the week to remind himself to stop on his way home and pick up flowers. How sweet is that!

Perfect Thursday surprise. I love you, M.