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Family History


Today we visited my 90 year old Grandpa, or as we call him, Pop. He always brightens my day. On this visit we got to see photos of family I had never seen before.

My favorites were of my Grammy and Pop when they were young and in love. See those above? Weren’t they a gorgeous couple.

What a treat it is to see pictures from so long ago. I’ve been learning so much about my family and their history.

My Great Grandfather, Zada, came from Russia to escape persecution, because he was Jewish. He met my Grandmother shortly after, who had also came from Russia. What a rich heritage I have. I am so blessed.

More to come on family history, I’m sure.


3 thoughts on “Family History

  1. Mom & Dad says:

    Aubrey, these picture are SO awesome! Meryl is cut from the same cloth as her mother!! She looks just like her! Glad you’re having a great time!!


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