Day at a Time

Bright Side

Wow, today is a hot one. Today is the Cherry Creek Art Festival. We decided to take a break from unpacking and walk around. There were so many wonderful pieces, everything from paintings to jewelry to sculpture. It was a blast. A blast of heat and art.

To take a little break, we went on over to the Nordstrom Cafe to get lunch. We were looking over the menu and then all of a sudden… I see SHRIMP & GRITS. I haven’t had shrimp and grits since our Wedding Day (we served it to freak out our northern guests). It is one of my favorite indulgences. So, that’s what I had for lunch. Boy, was it delicious.



Hubby had his favorite, pizza. So overall, it was a fabulous lunch and wonderful day. We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and recouping from our fun-filled vacation. Isn’t it funny how we come back from vacation exhausted?! Well, that’s our day for you. I hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday.



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