Enjoy the Little Things

Monday’s Little Things

1. Last night M and I sat in the car in front of our house playing our new found app- Words with Friends. He beat me by a 100 points.

2. Big day at work! We have a new doctor starting as Sr. Theroux’s associate! Exciting!

3. Having a new outfit to wear to work!

4. Writing my first giveaway post! I can’t wait to see all the comments!

5. New workout clothes make me motivated.

6. Tuesday-Wednesday Cleanse Days

7. Dinner with the best in-laws ever last night.

8. Rhinoceros! We have to go. (How I Met Your Mother fans will understand.)

9. Getting back on track after a pretzel and water ice filled vacation.

10. Having a husband that is willing to go grocery shopping while I am at the gym.

Happy Monday, friends!



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