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Two Things



Don’t you agree?! I love that quote.

So, today is Thursday! One more day until the weekend! I’m ready to go!!

We made last minute plans to go to the mountains for the Labor Day weekend. Vail, to be exact. We haven’t been since New Years. So, I’m looking forward to it! The gorgeous mountains, the beautiful downtown and my favorite lunch spot, Up the Creek. I can’t wait!!

What are your plans for the Labor Day weekend? BBQ with Family? Mountains like us? Maybe you’re staying at home and just enjoying the extra say off!? Whatever it might be, I’d love to hear about it!

Happy Thursday, Friends!! Hope it’s classy and fabulous!

P.S. Today is the big day! After class we’re heading on over to Apple and getting my iMac! I’m ecstatic!  Pictures to come! Can’t wait to get my little office/work space set up! If any of you have one or are familiar with Mac products, I’d love to hear any advice or whatever else you could tell me about owning one! I have an iPhone and iPad, but this will be my first “real” computer product. Thanks ya’ll!

Day at a Time

A Spot of Color


Good morning, friend!

How are you this lovely morning?

I’m sitting in my car looking at the beautiful morning sky. The city buildings are dark as the sun tries to get out from behind the clouds. Cars are passing in front of me, red, blue and gray ones. They all stop at the red light waiting patiently for it to turn that funny shade of green.

It’s a chilly morning at 78 degrees. This winter will take some getting used to, obviously. I’m just excited for brisk fall mornings. Anyone else ready? Fall’s my favorite time of year, I’ve decided.

Funky tights, warm colors and warmer drinks. Mmm.. I can just smell warm cinnamon apple cider. Well, enough day dreaming.. I better get off to my morning class!

Have a wonderful day everyone! Let me know how it goes! I’d love to hear all about it!

Day at a Time

Work, School, Sleep, and Design a Space


That’s all I’ve been doing lately. I’m taking 18 credits at school- Digital Design, Typography, Art History, 3-Dimensional Design, U.S. Music History and International Relations. Yeah, it’s been busy around here.

Something a little more exciting, I’ll be setting up a design space soon. I’ve been Pinning like crazy! Any ideas for a fun work space. I’m thinking a black simple desk with pattern accents and maybe a pin board. Here are a couple of things I’ve been eyeing so far. Tell me what you think. Anything you might add? What do you use most in your work space?

A. An inspirational quote, framed.

B. Vintage Vogue Pictures. I actually already own these. They were my Grammy’s. Aren’t they gorgeous?!

C. My dream tool for designing will finally come true this week. The iMac is the starting point for my work space.

D. This book shelf, I think, goes well with the desk. It’s simple, but won’t look so simple once filled.

E. These are my favorite photos of my darling grandparents. My Pop will be 91 in a couple months. My Grammy passed in 2001. These photos just make me smile. They are so happy. I want to frame these and display them in my work space.

F. A simple, classy black desk. This is what I’m thinking. Enough space to work, but not too big. I think it will do the job.

G. Lastly, this is a little piece of decor to add a little pizazz. I think it compliments the overall look.

Well, that’s what’s have so far. What do you think? Am I off to a good start? Have any ideas for any other decor or office supplies? Let’s here your thoughts!


And the Winner IS……



Thanks for commenting, Bethany!! I will be in touch to get you your gorgeous Michael Kors Electric Pink Keychain!! You’re going to love it.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

I wanted to also mention, I know I haven’t been around much. I just started back to classes this past week and it is taking some getting used to! So I’m a little slow around here. Thanks for still coming back to check out what’s new! Ya’ll are the best and I’m excited for the next 100 posts!!!

Congrats again, Bethany. Thank you readers! You’re what keeps me going! Have a fabulous Saturday night.



Want one? Read on!

Hey friends! I know it’s been a while! It’s been crazy at the Hubbell house! M left for his road trip last week with his friends and and I had my friends over every night. The one night I didn’t, I did Zumba. I am now addicted!

Today was a crazy one too! I started my fall semester! It was a rocky start, but I know I’ll get back in the groove again!

Well, I wanted to bring you up to date and start the week off celebrating! This marks Bless Your Sweet State’s 100th post! Wow, does time fly! So, in honor of the 100th post, I will be giving away a lovely Michael Kors “Purse Chain!”

They are THE cutest little key fobs and would look gorgeous on your set of car keys, clipped onto your fabulous bag or wherever else you may put it! They’re such a fun accessory!

So here’s how you could win:

Follow Bless Your Sweet State (See that button below that says “Follow?” Click it!)

Then click the comment box and tell me which color you would choose and where you’d clip it!

Your comment puts you in the drawing and a winner will be randomly chosen at the end of the week!

So… Let’s celebrate 100!!!!

Celebrate Good Times, Giveaways

100th Post! Let’s Celebrate!

Enjoy the Little Things

Monday’s Little Things

1. A clean home. A clean home we worked so hard, together, to make sparkle. We cleaned every room and I just want to brag on my M a little. He mopped and swept. Three rooms. He’s pretty amazing.

2. Crepes. Those things are amazing!! Even more amazing. S’more Crepes. Mmmm!

3. Working out with a girlfriend. I don’t get to do it much, but this weekend I got to walk around a trail, get lost in her neighborhood and laugh and chat while burning calories. It was a blast.

4. Going to church. I am blessed to have a great church to go to. The music and preaching was great last night!

5. It’s my last week working full time for the summer. I will miss it, but I’m definitely getting extremely excited for classes to start Monday!!

Happy Monday, Friends! What are the Little Things from your weekend?

Day at a Time

Fall, I’m falling for you.


In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different. Coco Chanel

Like leaves. Like Fall leaves.

I’m ready for fall. Anyone else thinking the same thing?

I’m done with sandals and open toed shoes. It’s time for the leaves to turn, the wind to blow and the scarves to come out of hiding. I’m ready for the crisp air in the morning, hot apple cider and apple pie. Fall is coming and I’m READY.

In SIX WEEKS from today, it will officially be Fall.