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Guest Post by Brittany & Brianna

These are my beautiful husband’s cousins, Brittany & Brianna. They are such amazing women and I’ve never had a dull moment with them. I love both of them and I’ve definitely adopted them as my REAL cousins!

We all share a love for Southern culture, style and fabulous fashion blogs! They have been so sweet to read my blog from the beginning and when I thought of doing a guest post, they immediately came to mind.

So without further adeu… I think you’ll enjoy their guest post. They’ve got lots of good advice and deals to tell you about!  They’ve also outdone me with their writing skills. I’m very impressed. Well, enough from me.. take it away Brittany & Bri!!

We are so honored that our wonderful cousin invited us to do a guest post – so thank you, Aubrey! We thought it’d be fun to show off some of our favorite accessories that we enjoy wearing, and that are very versatile. Aubrey does such a great job of showing cute wardrobe pieces and accessories that we figured this would be fitting! Being sisters, Brittany and I are very close and although we have similar styles, there’s always a slight difference in how we accessorize.

We both fell in love with the Kate Spade wallets, which were very affordable at the Kate Spade outlet store (Outlets are a great way to buy affordable designer pieces!). Brittany opted for the taupe, while I stuck with the black (my go-to color!).

We switched it up with the sunglasses, though. Britt has the black Burberry aviators, which she got for $50 from TJ MAXX – what a deal!! The gold Michael Kors aviators are mine, and although they were a bit pricey, I have definitely gotten my money out of them. Both of us think that the aviators seem to fit our faces well, which may be because they’re supposed to look great on any face shape –(LOOK AT RULE #3)–

Now for our eyeglasses, we never planed on getting such similar glasses, we promise! If you look close enough, you’ll see that Britt’s Ray Bans have a zebra print on the side of her frames, and my Jimmy Choos have a leopard design on the sides – this was not intentional! For being so different, we really do tend to gravitate towards the same designs, can ya tell? We love the black frames because they contrast nicely with our light skin and hair color, but let’s face it, everyone looks great in black-rimmed glasses!!

Now for our watches, you can finally see that we really are very different! Brittany has a nice classic silver Tag Heuer, which is absolutely gorgeous and it looks so great on her. I, however, am a big fan of leather watchbands, and opted for a patent leather Coach watch. There is one similarity, though – they’re both oversized “boyfriend” style with large faces, so when we’re not rockin’ our glasses, we don’t have to strain our eyes to see the time ;)!!

As you can see, we’re both very big advocates for accessorizing – you can really polish off an outfit with the right accessories. The biggest thing to remember is, YOU CAN GET NICE THINGS FOR CHEAP if you look in the right places. As you can see from Aubrey’s adorable outfits, places like H&M and Forever 21 are great to buy affordable accessories.

We’ll leave you with one last tip, bright colored accessories, whether it be a coral colored clutch or a bright teal bangle,  will make any outfit pop. So our advice to you is: go on and treat yourself to some fun and trendy accessories that will leave you lookin’ and feelin’ gorgeous!

Thanks for having us, Aubrey!!
xoxo, Brittany and Brianna



2 thoughts on “Guest Post by Brittany & Brianna

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well if this isn’t the most fabulous post!! What an articulate little guest blogger you are Brianna and Brittany! Your fashion sense knocked me off my feet! Your mother sure did raise you right!!


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