Day at a Time

There’s always something else…


There’s always a new apple product, a new fashion trend or a new interest to become instantly passionate about. I’m working on being more satisfied, appreciative and thankful for what sits right in front of me. I truly have so much to be thankful and appreciative of.

I have an amazing husband who when I don’t feel like cooking is willing to take a long walk and end up at the Dragon Cafe. He knows just how to make my heart melt.

I have parents that always answer my phone calls and hang on to every detail about my weekend. They are always there for me when I need to talk.

I am so blessed to have a job that allows me to use my talents. My bosses and coworkers make me truly enjoy my days at the office.

Friends are essential and I’ve grown fond of so many here in Colorado. I miss my Georgia friends dearly and think about them every day. God has blessed me with so many people in my life that make me happy.

When I think about the Lord and all He’s done for me… I can’t help but wake up every morning and know He’s got a plan for me.

I am blessed. Appreciative & Thankful.



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