Day at a Time

Mountain Climber Hubby


My Love is getting ready for a big hike tomorrow. He’s a definitely a Colorado man. A bunch of them are hiking a 14er in the morning.

I didn’t learn what a 14er was until after I moved out here. For all my Southern readers, a 14er is a mountain that is 14,000 feet or higher. It’s a Hubbell family hobby to count off all the Fourteeners they’ve climbed. It’s a big deal really.

I climbed a mountain once. Okay, it was a peak. Whatever it was, I learned quick, I’m not a fan. It’s really hard and you do it to get to the top, take a picture and then mark it off your list. I just don’t get it.

But M is going tomorrow. I’ll cheer him on whenever I get a call or a text and he’ll do great. I, on the other side, will be having breakfast with my dear friend Alex and later I’ll have a work out session with my lovely friend, Leigh.

Happy Weekend, Friends! Whether you’re hiking a mountain or working out with a friend, have a fabulous Saturday!



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