Enjoy the Little Things

Monday’s Little Things

1. A clean home. A clean home we worked so hard, together, to make sparkle. We cleaned every room and I just want to brag on my M a little. He mopped and swept. Three rooms. He’s pretty amazing.

2. Crepes. Those things are amazing!! Even more amazing. S’more Crepes. Mmmm!

3. Working out with a girlfriend. I don’t get to do it much, but this weekend I got to walk around a trail, get lost in her neighborhood and laugh and chat while burning calories. It was a blast.

4. Going to church. I am blessed to have a great church to go to. The music and preaching was great last night!

5. It’s my last week working full time for the summer. I will miss it, but I’m definitely getting extremely excited for classes to start Monday!!

Happy Monday, Friends! What are the Little Things from your weekend?



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