Day at a Time

Work, School, Sleep, and Design a Space


That’s all I’ve been doing lately. I’m taking 18 credits at school- Digital Design, Typography, Art History, 3-Dimensional Design, U.S. Music History and International Relations. Yeah, it’s been busy around here.

Something a little more exciting, I’ll be setting up a design space soon. I’ve been Pinning like crazy! Any ideas for a fun work space. I’m thinking a black simple desk with pattern accents and maybe a pin board. Here are a couple of things I’ve been eyeing so far. Tell me what you think. Anything you might add? What do you use most in your work space?

A. An inspirational quote, framed.

B. Vintage Vogue Pictures. I actually already own these. They were my Grammy’s. Aren’t they gorgeous?!

C. My dream tool for designing will finally come true this week. The iMac is the starting point for my work space.

D. This book shelf, I think, goes well with the desk. It’s simple, but won’t look so simple once filled.

E. These are my favorite photos of my darling grandparents. My Pop will be 91 in a couple months. My Grammy passed in 2001. These photos just make me smile. They are so happy. I want to frame these and display them in my work space.

F. A simple, classy black desk. This is what I’m thinking. Enough space to work, but not too big. I think it will do the job.

G. Lastly, this is a little piece of decor to add a little pizazz. I think it compliments the overall look.

Well, that’s what’s have so far. What do you think? Am I off to a good start? Have any ideas for any other decor or office supplies? Let’s here your thoughts!


2 thoughts on “Work, School, Sleep, and Design a Space


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