Day at a Time

A Spot of Color


Good morning, friend!

How are you this lovely morning?

I’m sitting in my car looking at the beautiful morning sky. The city buildings are dark as the sun tries to get out from behind the clouds. Cars are passing in front of me, red, blue and gray ones. They all stop at the red light waiting patiently for it to turn that funny shade of green.

It’s a chilly morning at 78 degrees. This winter will take some getting used to, obviously. I’m just excited for brisk fall mornings. Anyone else ready? Fall’s my favorite time of year, I’ve decided.

Funky tights, warm colors and warmer drinks. Mmm.. I can just smell warm cinnamon apple cider. Well, enough day dreaming.. I better get off to my morning class!

Have a wonderful day everyone! Let me know how it goes! I’d love to hear all about it!


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