Day at a Time, Somewhere else

Get back to work!

Back to reality, but wow, what a weekend. It was much needed and very relaxing. I had high hopes to take tons of photos of the beautiful Vail mountains. However, I was so relaxed, I left the house several times without even bringing my phone. I know, crazy! So, I don’t have very many photos to share, but here are a couple that I did take.





We enjoyed Friday night to Monday morning in our lovely condo and enjoyed the amazing weather Vail gave us. We laid out in the sun, swam in the pool, hiked a trail and my favorite, shopped in Vail Village. They had a great thing going in downtown Vail called Gourmet on Gore. You guessed it, we had incredible gourmet food from restaurants all over the area. We had everything from Asian BBQ sandwiches to Cheesy Grits (my favorite). I even tried a Green Tea Cupcake. It was super sweet, but of course super delicious!! They had a Rubber Ducky Race down Vail Creek. The best part was watching all of the kids cheering on their duck. Hundreds of ducks floated down the river before our very eyes. It was great!

We had such a wonderful time and can’t wait for the next mini trip up. Now, it’s back to work. This week brings lots of deadlines and Friday, my office is putting on an Oktoberfest party! Pictures to come on that one! It’s going to be a blast! I even have a REAL German Dirndl, thanks to my incredible Mother -in-law.

I’ll also share some photos as I start to set up my office space. I’m having so much fun already.

So, tell me- how was your Labor Day Weekend!? Did you have fun with family or enjoy the weekend just relaxing like us?! I hope is was exactly what you needed.

Happy Monday, Friends!



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