What to Wear

Eyeing a Boot


Has anyone been else been eyeing Tom Joules boots the past few winter seasons? Aren’t they gorgeous! I love the gold detailing, patterned fabric inside and the darling little red bows on the back. Adorable!

Right now, I’m sitting in Art History Survey 2 listening intently and searching for boots. I could get used to combining Art History and shopping. “Look at the deep tones of the Mona Lisa and the hint of her small smile. Wouldn’t she look just fabulous in a Vince Fur Vest for the Fall?! Love!”


Okay, so maybe I’m the only one laughing right now, but nevertheless, Fashion and Art History are a great combination.

Back to the boots…Anyone else eyeing boots for the Fall and Winter seasons? Hunter, Michael Kors, UGGS?! What’s hot right now according to your Fall Fashion?

Can’t wait for boot weather!


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