Day at a Time, What to Wear

A Saturday Day





[Top-Similar] [Booties-Similar] [Brooch- Vintage] [Bag-Old Similar] [Skirt]

I love surprise restaurant date nights, even if I always ruin them and figure out where we’re going. Tonight was Cucina Colore. Wonderful Italian dining. I had the Spaghattini with scallops and shrimp. Matt had the Veal Bolognese. Both, delicious. We even got “in trouble” by our waiter for “cuddling” too much, ha! You’d think we were newlyweds or something! I mean, we DO like each other.

Today was great overall. I practiced styling two lovely ladies’ hair for their homecoming in a couple weeks and spent the rest of the day at home keeping it simple. It was a perfectly relaxing day.

Sometimes that’s exactly what  you need. Time to relax and time together.



I hope this Saturday finds all of you well. What did you do this Saturday? Did you keep it simple or stay busy?

Tell me about it.



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