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Guest What! – Golden Girl

Today’s Guest What Post is by Barette. Barette is a professional ballerina for the Pennsylvania Ballet. She has a classic, girly fashion style and always look incredible. I wanted to have her write a aguest post, not only give us some fashion tips, but because she just started a new blog, Bunhead Fashion! It’s a fun lifestyle and fashion blog giving us the inside on the latest with the Mrs. I think you’ll thoroughly enjoy it!

Check it out – Bunhead Fashion

So, without further adieu, Barette’s Guest Post – Golden Girl

Growing up I always associated gold jewelry with old people. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would buy or let alone pick out gold pieces to wear. After recently discovering my love for Jamie Wolf Jewelry, I decided gold was no longer for old people, but for me.

My first piece (outside of those bought for me as a young girl) was this beautiful gold and diamond pendant necklace that was given to me at my bridal shower. Not only am I a huge fan of diamonds, but the detailed engraving and clasp makes this a one of a kind piece.

Jamie Wolf herself gave me these beautiful earrings as a wedding gift, and they not only match this pendant necklace, but also all of my other gold pieces I’ve started to collect.

Crosses have always been a huge part of my life, since I was born and raised Catholic, and on my first communion my parents gave me a beautiful gold and diamond cross necklace. As my “something new” for my wedding day, my amazing mother surprised me with this beautiful gold and diamond cross necklace. Again, the details around the cross and clasp are stunning, and every time I wear this piece I find something new and exciting about it that I love.

Stackable rings are the new trend and must have in jewelry. Jamie Wolf is known for her stackables, and while picking out pieces for my wedding events, I saw these and fell in love. The two alike are gold and rose cut diamonds, and the other is gold and topaz. Its great because you can wear these all together, or one at a time….great for any occasion.

This ring is a very special sentimental piece to me. It was my late grandmother’s who was also a ballerina. I usually only wear this for special occasions, since its so precious and dear to my heart. I love the old antique setting which I feel makes it look almost like a stone set in leaves of a flower. I know that there is so much love and respect behind this ring, and I hope to one day pass it along to my child, like my mother did to me.

Gold jewelry doesn’t have to be fancy or even real for that matter. I am loving plated and fake gold for all my costume and fun jewelry. My husband surprised me the other day with this elephant necklace. I am slightly obsessed with elephants, so this couldn’t be more fitting for me, but I love that I can wear it with jeans and a T or a short dress to the club.

As I’ve gotten more serious about my love for jewelry, I’ve noticed that you should have fun with it. Each piece should represent you and who you are as a person. Better to have a few pieces that you can have stories behind, then a bunch you never wear.

Jamie Wolf –

There you have it. A word from the lovely ballerina herself, Barette. Don’t forget to check out her new and fabulous blog, Bunhead Fashion! Thanks, Barette for your take on gold jewelry and a fun guest post!

Happy Saturday, Friends!


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