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A Time To Be Proud





I’m going to brag a little bit. My Husband is pretty incredible. A couple times a year he signs up with this program, Junior Achievement. They send him a pack of teaching lessons and the class he’s assigned to.

For the past few weeks Matt’s been taking off a couple hours of work each week and teaching a class of 4th graders. He teaches them on their level the type of work he does. He taught them about starting a business and saving money.

The best thing, I think, was when he strayed away from his lesson plans for a different plan. Matt decided to give each child in the class one dollar. They were then given the choice to keep their dollar and spend it or when Matt came back the next week, if they saved it, they would get another dollar!

The way M tells the story is the best! The kids went crazy when they were handed the first dollar. Only one child chose not to save it. That one child was mentioned quite frequently in the Thank You notes given at the last class. One child said he did not think that was a very smart choice to keep the dollar.

I am so proud of my husband for taking time out of his work day to spend time with these kids and showing them the ropes of business. The Thank You notes said it all for me. Every kid had a great time, thought he was THE BEST and couldn’t believe he gave them FREE MONEY! The boys over that they had a boy teacher. I’m pretty sure one girl has a crush going on and one said he liked when Mr. Hubbell came because she didn’t have to do spelling. Those Thank You notes were awesome.

I’m proud of you, baby. I know, one day, you’ll make a great Daddy.

Day at a Time



Everyone said it would snow today. I even looked up the weather for the day. But when I stepped outside and see everything covered in snow, I was surprised.

Living in Georgia for so long makes snow days in Colorado magical. As a little kid we had snow in Washington State, but in Georgia, I think it flurried twice. Don’t get me wrong, those flurries were pretty magical too.

An actual snow day in Colorado, though, it’s a whole different story. It’s perfect and wonderful and freezing cold. My toes have never felt so cozy in a pair of UGGS. It’s incredible.

Oh how I miss the South everyday, but Colorado likes to suck up with a pretty snow day to try and change my mind. Can’t say it’s working, but I don’t hate Colorado.

Happy Beautiful Snow Day, Friends!

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Europe – Any Advice?

In just nine short months, my lovely friend, Alex and I will be on a plane headed to Italy. We’ll spend most of the trip traveling around Italy and spend the rest of our time in Greece. Neither of us have ever been to Europe and we’re saving our pennies like two college gals to get there. I couldn’t wait to share the news with my nearest and dearest. We are so extremely excited. Now, we just have to decide what to wear!?

These are my ideas so far. What do you think?

This Dress.

The Oxford.

The Hair Accessories.

The Scarf.

Have you ever been to Europe or taken a trip where you had to pack light, dress cute and feel comfortable while touring a city? Any advice on the packing light part? That seems to be my main problem. Any favorite outfits, comfortable shoes or accessories you loved having with you? We’d both love the advice! Can’t wait to hear from you!

Have a great rest of your week, friends!

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My Little Secret…


I have a secret that I’m only telling you.

I’m wearing Christmas socks in October. They’re hidden under my boots.

You know the goofy people who decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving? Yeah, that’s me. I start decorating the first week of November. I’m just too excited to wait!

When do you start decorating for the holidays? Before or after Thanksgiving?

Remember, if you have to get out some holiday spirit that’s bursting inside and it just happens to be October, Christmas socks and boots are the perfect way to do it. No one will ever know…

Happy [early] Holidays, friends!

Day at a Time

Just a reminder, it’s possible.


Remember that thought that drifted through your day dream today?

Maybe it’s a thought that has crossed your mind several times.

A dream of something you have yet to do.

Dwell in that dream.

Dwell in that possibility and make it come true.

Do you have a goal or a dream that feels impossible?

Look into it.

It might be easier done that you thought.

Happy Monday, Friend.

Day at a Time

A Sad Day for My Tooth


Yesterday was a sad day for my molar. I officially got my first cavity filled. For 21, almost 22 years I could brag about never having a cavity. All of that has changed. I am now, normal. Cavity and all.

I walked in and was greeted by the lovely ladies at the front. The darling assistant brought me back, sat me in the chair and handed me a fabulous pair of safety glasses. In came the dentist, we chatted a bit and in she went. Two pokey needles and my smile was crooked. They laid me back and then came the drill. I’m pretty sure my brain and probably my eyeballs vibrated from that drill. Then, before I knew it, it was over and I was driving back downtown to class with half of my mouth numb.

I really want a 1st Cavity Party! We’ll celebrate with loads of candy, cupcakes and sweet drinks. Maybe then I wouldn’t feel as bad. Anyone want to celebrate with me?

So what club are you in? The Cavity or No Cavity Club? Maybe there should be a One Cavity Ever that’s all Club!

What to Wear

Snow Day in October

Blazer [similar] Sweater H&M [similar] Button Up [old] Skirt [American Apparel] Tights [H&M] Boots [similar]

The weather said it was suppose to snow Saturday morning, but when we woke up to go to work Friday morning, we stepped out the door to the beautiful white powder covering the trees, the grass and our cars. What a fun surprise! And to think, it’s the first week of October. Hope this isn’t a preview of the next few months. I’m still not used to snow storms, even if they are absolutely gorgeous!

So, for all my southern friends and family. Enjoy this little taste of snow. I can’t wait to show you more snow pictures in the coming months!

Happy Snow Day, friends!