Day at a Time

A Sad Day for My Tooth


Yesterday was a sad day for my molar. I officially got my first cavity filled. For 21, almost 22 years I could brag about never having a cavity. All of that has changed. I am now, normal. Cavity and all.

I walked in and was greeted by the lovely ladies at the front. The darling assistant brought me back, sat me in the chair and handed me a fabulous pair of safety glasses. In came the dentist, we chatted a bit and in she went. Two pokey needles and my smile was crooked. They laid me back and then came the drill. I’m pretty sure my brain and probably my eyeballs vibrated from that drill. Then, before I knew it, it was over and I was driving back downtown to class with half of my mouth numb.

I really want a 1st Cavity Party! We’ll celebrate with loads of candy, cupcakes and sweet drinks. Maybe then I wouldn’t feel as bad. Anyone want to celebrate with me?

So what club are you in? The Cavity or No Cavity Club? Maybe there should be a One Cavity Ever that’s all Club!



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