An Obsession, with Fonts.

I didn’t think it was possible. Well, maybe I thought it was, but didn’t think it would actually happen. It has. I’m obsessed… with fonts. I think I downloaded like 50 free fonts just this morning. So, let me share this incredible obsession of gorgeous typography.


Okay seriously, are these not awesome or what!!!!!?

Oh Typography. Such a beautiful thing.

Have a favorite font or site to get them from!? Please DO share!

Happy Tuesday, Friends!

Celebrate Good Times, Day at a Time

Whirlwind, just a bit.


Wow, it’s been a while. Again, I know.

We had our party which was just fabulous! I’ll post pictures eventually!

We had Christmas with my in-laws.

Then went away for Thanksgiving.

See, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind.

Our birthdays were a blast. The party, even better. We had it at the Museum of Contemporary Art here in Denver. We ate on their rooftop cafe and enjoyed the incredible views of the city. We felt so special to have all of our closest friends in one place. The food was delish and the dessert, rich. Chocolate and vanilla cake with a cream cheese layer. Wow. Then, it was back to the office for a couple of days before the Thanksgiving festivities. We had family photos, ate at our favorite German restaurant and then made our way down to the Grands for the rest of the week. Thanksgiving was a filling experience and a much needed relaxing treat. I am so thankful for our family that came down and enjoyed the holiday with us. We had such a great time!

Now, onto this week. It’s already busy, so if you don’t here from me until the end of the semester… I’m probably drowning in design. Yes, it’s possible.

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving. What was your favorite part?

Mine, had to be the turkey. Good stuff, that turkey… and eating it with the best family around.

Happy Monday, Friends!

Celebrate Good Times, Day at a Time

Yeah, it’s tomorrow.

Doesn’t this just sound delightful?!

Red velvet, no…Tiramisu, no… Cookies and Cream. Hmm..

I should probably just make today a cleanse day.

22 years old.

Is that old? Some say no, but it kind of feels like it.

The biggest sign is when I chat with teenagers and only understand every other word. Not. A. Good. Sign. I’m old.

On the bright side. It’s a birthday and birthdays are awesome. I’ve been informed I have a gift from the Hubby to open in the morning AND at night.


I can’t wait to come home from classes to my honeybun and celebrate! I’m a little giddy over the whole thing.

Until then, I’ll keep busy. A Propaganda piece due in the morning, two Typography pieces due after that and a comparison paper due Thursday. Busy busy.

14 more days of classes. I couldn’t be happier.

Oh & while on the topic of school, good news! I got my acceptance letter yesterday. I’ve officially been accepted into the Digital Design Program. Such a relief. I was nervous there for a while.

Well friends, it’s Tuesday. Make it a good one.

Celebrate Good Times, Day at a Time

Birthday Countdown – Days 3.

Well, it’s official. Three days until the birthday.

If you know me, you know birthdays are a BIG deal. It’s not a day that just goes unnoticed. If it’s yours or mine.

So, I’m counting down the days. Wednesday is the first big day. I. Can’t. Wait.

I found my birthday dress Saturday. So happy! I even ordered M’s birthday gift Saturday as well. He’s gonna love it.

Now, what to wear on my Birth Day. We’ll see about that.

So… how was the weekend? Did ya have a good one? We had an absolute blast.

Game night. Pizza. James Bond. Shopping. Church. Homework.

Very Successful. Well, now it’s time for the week to start.

Happy Sunday, Friends.

Day at a Time

Sailor Santa, Birthday Gift and Gingerbread


Santa Sailor. This just made me smile.

Well, we are full swing into November. How do you feel?

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, but so completely excited at the same time. So much to do and everything is coming at once. My 22nd birthday is coming at full force. My love’s is just two days later and our Party is a week from this Saturday. Whew!

The worst part. I still don’t have Matt’s gift. Does anyone else agree, boys are so hard to buy for?Especially when all they say they want is socks. Creative gift, right. Anyone give a gift that was a huge hit to the man in their life? Tell me. Tell me. Tell me!

On another note, the Christmas tree is up and I’ve discovered Gingerbread Spice cookies at Whole Foods. I’ve baked a couple fresh cookies after dinner the last couple nights. We sit by the tree and eat the warm, crunchy cookies while admiring the almost completed Christmas Tree. It’s the best feeling. Oh how I love Christmas.

So, as the Holidays are soon approaching, what are your plans? Are you weird like me and already have the Christmas Tree up or are you patiently waiting until after Thanksgiving? I respect those who are patient because I am not.

Happy Thursday, Friends. Wow, this week flew by.

Day at a Time

Stress. It’s a six letter word.


Stressed. It’s that feeling when you have a million things to do, you’re constantly busy and never feel caught up. Ever felt like that?

I’m laying in bed thinking about all of it. The projects to do, the events to plan and the things to get done for the holidays. Classes and homework. Work and cleaning the home. Sometimes it all needs to get done. Now. But how? It’s impossible. I should not be laying in bed awake right now. I should be fast asleep, ready to wake up in six hours. I should be.

Instead, I want a brownie bite. I WILL NOT EAT A BROWNIE BITE. I will write down absolutely everything I have to so, think about and/or whatever else is on my mind. Then, maybe. Just maybe. I can fall asleep for a few hours and dream. Dream of a world. Without stress.

Anyone been here? It’s a little overwhelming, right?!

Well, wish me luck as I say a prayer, write my to do’s and nod off to dreamland.

Goodnight, friends.

Day at a Time

Accomplishment. It’s a word packed with meaning.

[I’d like to say, sorry I’ve been a little MIA lately. It’s been quite a busy time. So forgive me if I’m posting so little. That will change as my schedule does.]

Yesterday, a few goals were checked off. I accomplished two things I’ve been waiting to do. First a small thing. Second a pretty big thing.

Accomplishment feels so good. Even if it’s just starting a path you’ve yet to finish. It’s a huge weight off.


First, I submitted a scultpure of mine and two digital prints to be showcased in a local exhibit. I’ve never done that before. I’ve never had enough confidence in a piece of artwork I’ve created to even try. That was pretty awesome. It was all because of my incredible Professor putting the idea in my head. I never would have thought to. I’ll keep you updated if my work is chosen to be exhibted. Exciting!

Secondly [and really the biggest deal right now], I officially submitted my portfolio for review into the Digital Design program. I’m anxious to hear back! I’ve been looking forward to this for a while. Being accepted into this program will play a large role in my future direction. So, we’ll see… Say a little prayer for me!

So, that’s what I’ve been up to lately. Well, that and Halloween parties this weekend. We had a great Kids Party at the office on Friday night and the Hubby and I went to a party with his friends Saturday night. Minnie Mouse was the costume Friday and Saturday, well if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (aubreyrachael), I was a Flight Attendent and he was my Pilot. It was pretty hilarious.

How was your Halloween? Did you get to go Trick or Treating last night? I REALLY wanted to go, but worked on getting that portfolio submitted instead. I got to look through all the photos this morning of the little kids dressed up in adorable outfits. Everything from a princess to superheros. It was quite darling.

Well, back to work. I’ve got a few more things on my plate to plan for. Fill me in on your Halloween Celebrations! I’d love to hear about it!

Happy November 1st, friends!

(13 days until my birthday and 15 days until M’s. The countdown has officially begun!)