Day at a Time

Accomplishment. It’s a word packed with meaning.

[I’d like to say, sorry I’ve been a little MIA lately. It’s been quite a busy time. So forgive me if I’m posting so little. That will change as my schedule does.]

Yesterday, a few goals were checked off. I accomplished two things I’ve been waiting to do. First a small thing. Second a pretty big thing.

Accomplishment feels so good. Even if it’s just starting a path you’ve yet to finish. It’s a huge weight off.


First, I submitted a scultpure of mine and two digital prints to be showcased in a local exhibit. I’ve never done that before. I’ve never had enough confidence in a piece of artwork I’ve created to even try. That was pretty awesome. It was all because of my incredible Professor putting the idea in my head. I never would have thought to. I’ll keep you updated if my work is chosen to be exhibted. Exciting!

Secondly [and really the biggest deal right now], I officially submitted my portfolio for review into the Digital Design program. I’m anxious to hear back! I’ve been looking forward to this for a while. Being accepted into this program will play a large role in my future direction. So, we’ll see… Say a little prayer for me!

So, that’s what I’ve been up to lately. Well, that and Halloween parties this weekend. We had a great Kids Party at the office on Friday night and the Hubby and I went to a party with his friends Saturday night. Minnie Mouse was the costume Friday and Saturday, well if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (aubreyrachael), I was a Flight Attendent and he was my Pilot. It was pretty hilarious.

How was your Halloween? Did you get to go Trick or Treating last night? I REALLY wanted to go, but worked on getting that portfolio submitted instead. I got to look through all the photos this morning of the little kids dressed up in adorable outfits. Everything from a princess to superheros. It was quite darling.

Well, back to work. I’ve got a few more things on my plate to plan for. Fill me in on your Halloween Celebrations! I’d love to hear about it!

Happy November 1st, friends!

(13 days until my birthday and 15 days until M’s. The countdown has officially begun!)



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