Day at a Time

Stress. It’s a six letter word.


Stressed. It’s that feeling when you have a million things to do, you’re constantly busy and never feel caught up. Ever felt like that?

I’m laying in bed thinking about all of it. The projects to do, the events to plan and the things to get done for the holidays. Classes and homework. Work and cleaning the home. Sometimes it all needs to get done. Now. But how? It’s impossible. I should not be laying in bed awake right now. I should be fast asleep, ready to wake up in six hours. I should be.

Instead, I want a brownie bite. I WILL NOT EAT A BROWNIE BITE. I will write down absolutely everything I have to so, think about and/or whatever else is on my mind. Then, maybe. Just maybe. I can fall asleep for a few hours and dream. Dream of a world. Without stress.

Anyone been here? It’s a little overwhelming, right?!

Well, wish me luck as I say a prayer, write my to do’s and nod off to dreamland.

Goodnight, friends.



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