Day at a Time

Sailor Santa, Birthday Gift and Gingerbread


Santa Sailor. This just made me smile.

Well, we are full swing into November. How do you feel?

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, but so completely excited at the same time. So much to do and everything is coming at once. My 22nd birthday is coming at full force. My love’s is just two days later and our Party is a week from this Saturday. Whew!

The worst part. I still don’t have Matt’s gift. Does anyone else agree, boys are so hard to buy for?Especially when all they say they want is socks. Creative gift, right. Anyone give a gift that was a huge hit to the man in their life? Tell me. Tell me. Tell me!

On another note, the Christmas tree is up and I’ve discovered Gingerbread Spice cookies at Whole Foods. I’ve baked a couple fresh cookies after dinner the last couple nights. We sit by the tree and eat the warm, crunchy cookies while admiring the almost completed Christmas Tree. It’s the best feeling. Oh how I love Christmas.

So, as the Holidays are soon approaching, what are your plans? Are you weird like me and already have the Christmas Tree up or are you patiently waiting until after Thanksgiving? I respect those who are patient because I am not.

Happy Thursday, Friends. Wow, this week flew by.



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