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une belle journée



A beautiful day is a beautiful day, but it sounds and looks so much more beautiful in French. One day, one day I will learn more French. it’s such a romantic looking and sounding language. Hearing it just makes me want to hop on a plane and go to Paris! That day will come.

The curtains are drawn and the sunlight is coming in on the gorgeous morning. I’m sitting at my desk working on projects and listening to a Frank Sinatra melody that’s slowly waking me up and a heater at my feet is keeping my toes from freezing in this cold winter A.M..

This morning I am dwelling on the days ahead and what will come of them. Sometimes I think too much about the future and don’t enjoy the present. I’m trying, though. The present is a lovely thing. It passes in the blink of an eye. Each moment should be cherished and I’m preaching to myself. Sometimes I forget or just get too caught up in everything going on and everything that needs to get done. It’s a beautiful day. I will enjoy the sun shining through the little windows into my little office corner and listen as the tea kettle whistles on the stove along with the birds outside. Each moment, each and every moment is precious.

It’s a beautiful day. Une belle journée.

Happy Thursday, Friends.

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I Scream! Ice Cream!

Aubrey Rachael Photography

A Design | Photo

Wow, what an experience. What you see there is my darling gal friend, Miss Noelle. Look how cute she is! It all started with a motion piece for class and the obsession with pretty ice cream cones. Then Noelle popped in my head to cast as my ‘lil model. We decided I’d pick her up at Starbucks and go on over to a little local Ice Cream shop. And then it happened –  the most beautiful, dreamy and completely adorable transformation occurred, my camera came to life. That ice cream cone with the cherry on top, the polka dot dress and the little lady created THIS. Oh how I can’t wait to edit the motion portion! Hope you enjoy this little sneak peek and grab an ice cream cone while you’re at it!

Happy Wednesday Night, Friends!

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Yo – breathe in – Ga – breathe out


“Blessed are those who are flexible. For they won’t get bent outta shape.” -Maize Hutton

It’s Yoga time. At 10am this morning, I’ll be “yoga-ing” at the gym.

Anyone into Yoga? Especially in the middle of the week? Especially when you feel like your body and mind are ready to collapse at at any moment. Well maybe I’m exaggerating just a little bit, but if you were learning what I’ve been learning the past couple of days – your mind might be ready to explode too. And you’d bring crying out for a Down Dog and Plank.

Coding – I’m learning website coding. It’s like learning a new language. And I have never been very successful at that either. I’m determined, though. I’m determined to learn this crazy computer language that really doesn’t make that much sense. I haven’t thrown the computer screen yet, I’m pretty sure that’s a success in itself. I meaning seriously – try to decode this:

.red { height: 100px; width: 100px; background-color: red; margin: 0 auto; }

<html> <head> <meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html; charset=ut-8″/> <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”one.css” media=”screen” title=”no title” charset=”utf-8″> <title>untitled</title> </head > <body> <div class=”red></div> </body></html>

All of that to make a little red square pop up in Safari. On the other hand, maybe you shouldn’t try to decode it. I don’t know if I could bare it being wrong after all of that!

I need Yoga. I need it to clear my mind of all of those jumbled up word things and stretch my achy muscles.

So, when we meet again post-Yoga, I’ll be happy has a I am in a Child’s Play pose and ready for anything (anything may or may not include anything involving coding).

Namaste and Happy Wednesday, Friends.

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Freezing Water Day

Freezing Water

That’s right, it’s a Freezing Water Day. You know, a Snow Day. I had to put on my big ugly UGGs, huge puffy jacket and my faux fur scarf. Snow was coming down last night and by this morning everything was covered in snow and looked so very pretty as I walked out the door.

It looked. Walking and traveling in it – that’s a whole other story. But so far today is a success – there are no broken bones or cars. That’s what I call a successful Freezing Water Day!

On that note, Happy Freezing Water Day, Friends!

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Chic to Chic

Chic to Chic Blog

Welcome! Bless Your Sweet State has now become – Chic to Chic! Same posts, same writer. Just a newer, classier – chic title.

Let me know what you think and thanks for reading, friends!


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Imagine that.


Imagine. We love doing that. Mr. M & I love sitting and chatting about the future.

What if we lived on the moon? What if we built a house in a tree, but forgot to build a ladder to get down? What if we moved to a country and pretended to speak a fake language? What if we named our child after a local zoo animal?

Okay, so we aren’t really THAT imaginative. We really just chat about where we would like to live, what are future kids will say, what our first house will look like, what color we’ll paint the walls.. the boring, but OH SO exciting kinds of things we like to imagine for our lives as a couple.

On another note, my mind wanders…

Sometimes I wonder where this fascination for art, photography, fashion and design will take me. Will I become an artist with an openings in galleries all around the country and if I did, what kind of art would I create? I love sculpture, but I’m really not that great, yet. I love design, but still have SO much to learn. Fashion, I’m a little short for runway, not that I see myself doing that, but with this crazy love of fashion and no fashion design skills, what could I, should I do? A buyer for a large department store, a stylist for locals or a window designer. There are just so many possibilities and so much that is still yet to be determined in this future of mine.

For all of you who are living your dream, what did it take to get there? How did you decide what you wanted to do, what you wanted to be when you grew up? As a lowly college student, I wonder how classmates around me seem to know exactly what they want and I just learned the pen tool in Illustrator. It’s quite a thought. There are so many possibilities, but where does that put me?

Imagine the possibilities. That’s a lot to think about on a Monday morning.

Happy Monday, Friends.

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Faithful, He is.

Photo + Design © Haley Sheffield 2012

Photo + Design © Haley Sheffield 2012


He is on my mind this Sunday afternoon. I am thankful. I am blessed. He has done great things for me and I will give Him the glory for all of my days.

Happy Sunday, Friends.