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Mama Sue

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A man who treats his woman like a princess is proof that he was born and raised in the arms of a queen.

My darling mother-in-law. It’s her day today. I am so thankful for this precious person in my life. Since I was a little girl she was always so giving and so sweet to me. Who would have known that one day she would become my second mom. She always puts her family first, plans the best family vacations, makes sure I am never without an adorable Starbucks card and sends us the best little surprises for every holiday. I am so thankful for my Mama Sue. I am one lucky wife to have such a wonderful mother-in-law. And best of all I am thankful she gave me Matt. He is the best husband I could have ever asked for. She is one amazing woman.


Happy Birthday, Mama Sue. I love you.

xoxo Aubrey

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Cozy Up

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Seven inches and it’s still coming down. We ventured out for supplies and it was a blizzard. A beautiful blizzard! I hate snow when it involves driving in it. But on days when everything is canceled and there is nothing to do but stare out the windows watching the winter wonderland develop outside, I can’t help but want to stay inside and cuddle. It truly is the best cuddle weather. Turn up the heat and put a movie on. Perfection.

Stay warm, Denver!

Happy Sunday, Friends!

Day at a Time

Saturday Morn

Saturday | A. Design | www.chictochicblog.wordpress.com

This Saturday morning was rather uneventful. I sat at the computer typing an analytical paper on The Great Wave off Kanagawa and creating a prototype for an app. All for college, not for fun. The artwork is interesting to learn about until you have to write about it and apps are fun to use until you  have to design one. That about summarizes the morning.

My favorite part of today is when my husband walked through the door. We went on a chilly February walk in the neighborhood and admired the beautiful homes. One day I’ll have to do a feature on the homes in our neighborhood. They’re just incredible. I counted at least ten I’d gladly call my “perfect home”.

As we walked around and fell in love with almost every house we passed, I also noticed how gloomy the yards looked. It’s that time of year, no one, not even the best gardener can fight off the what the bitter winter does to the flowers.

Enter the picture above. I took this shot of happy flowers right down the street last Spring. The flowers just looks so cheery, so excited to see the sun. That’s how I felt this afternoon on our walk, but what would be even better is if I saw those flowers again. If only it were Spring again. Until then, I have classes to finish and cold weather to enjoy.

Happy Saturday, Friends!

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Better sweater.

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It’s Thursday. The week is almost over. I’m feeling better. The body is just catching up from the nasty cold that was happening the last few days. The Hubby is feeling better too. I think he might feel even better after coming home to a batch of freshly baked Peanut Butter cookies, a Pinterest favorite found here (easiest recipe ever).

But back to the cold, not the sick cold, but the snow storm everyone on the weather channel has been talking about! Yep, it made its way to Denver. I was determined NOT to wear my big, warm coat and even bigger Uggs yesterday afternoon. I wanted to look cute on my first day back as a semi-well student. So, I wore my brand new Vince Camuto flats and my classic black pea coat. Boy, did I regret it. It was a hurricane of snow by 4pm. That probably wasn’t the smartest decision I’ve ever made. Oh well, I was all dressed up to welcome the snow. That’s my fine excuse!

Where in the world are you? Has flu or snow season hit your neck of the woods? Hopefully you’re staying nice and warm and well. I’m going to brave the cold and head off to class for the night. Pray I can stay awake until 9:15pm. I may or may not have nodded off in last night’s class. Whfew, back into the swing of things.


Happy Thursday, Friends!

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Joe & a Sick Day

Cup of Joe | A. Design | chictochicblog.wordpress.com

Cup of Joe that is. This weekend, Matt and I both woke up with sore throats. Ug, no fun. He stuck it out today and went to work. I stayed home and worked. I’ve had a cup of coffee and so many cups of Peppermint Tea, I lost count.

Even though we weren’t feeling up to our normal selves, we had a fabulous weekend celebrating Valentine’s the past couple days. Matt surprised me with an awesome hotel stay. We stayed at the Curtis Hotel, a quirky, vintage styled hotel. Vintage as in the 70s. We stayed on the Marge floor, as in Marge Simpson, the Front Desk man informed us. The view was incredible, the city lights and the moon in plain view outside our window.

The restaurant was a surprise as well. A fancy little place called Row 14. I had the duck, Matt had the lamb bolognese. Mmm… such a delicious treat. Breakfast the next morning at the hotel’s restaurant, The Corner Office was great as well. The disco decor kept us entertained and then came the Chicken and Waffles. Wow, fattening, but amazing.

My husband did such a wonderful job with all the surprises. From the Five Days of Valentine’s to the incredible weekend, he always knows how to make me feel loved. I love that man.

I hope your Valentine’s was filled with just as much love and romance.

Now I have to work through this cold and walk off those chicken and waffles and all the other fun stuff that comes with Vday.

Happy Monday, Friends!

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I love you, Val.

Valentine's Day | A. Design



Happy Valentine’s Day, My Love.


Thank you for all you do. Thank you for your support and encouragement in all I do. I am so blessed on this Valentine’s Day in 2013 to have such a darling Valentine.

This is and will always be my favorite Valentine’s note. I love you.


Valentine's Day | 2009


Treat your Valentine extra special today. And don’t forget to ask them to be your Valentine.

Happy Valentine’s, Friends!

Celebrate Good Times, Day at a Time, My Designs

On the First Day of Valentine’s…

First Day of Valentine's | A. Design

My True Love gave to me…

Monday | Hammonds Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Hearts

Tuesday | Utz Disney Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Wednesday | Gianna’s Heart Shaped Sugar Cookies

I’m one spoiled wife… I think he’s trying to make me fat. They’re hard to resist and so delicious. He knows the way to my heart. I know the way to the gym.

I’m getting so excited for tomorrow, but most importantly for our Valentine’s getaway this weekend.

Do you have a Valentine’s tradition with your special someone you do every year? Have you started a new one like the Five Days of Valentine’s my Sweetheart just started this year?

Tell me about it!

Until tomorrow, Happy Valentine’s Eve, Friends!