Celebrate Good Times, Day at a Time, What to Wear

They have arrived.











Family Photos by b. nicole photography

This little lady is incredible. So talented and so sweet. Miss Brittany Nicole. Make sure you visit her Facebook page here and her Flickr page here.

I’m so thankful for this family photo shoot, especially because it was our last one in my Southern state of Georgia. I’ll miss spending Christmas with my family there. Next month, they be moving across the country to Utah. It’s closer to us and we’ll be able to see each other a lot more! So that’s a positive, but I’ll still miss going back home to Georgia.

The location of our shoot is the 1842 Inn. This place has a lot of meaning. It’s a beautiful antebellum mansion in the heart of Georgia. I had my bridal portraits done here the week before my wedding. It’s absolutely beautiful. If you’re ever in Macon, Georgia, definitely pay it a visit. The staff is so sweet and helpful, the rooms are to die for and you feel as if you stepped into the South 100 years ago. It’s wonderful. And here’s a picture of me at it almost three years ago for my bridal shoot.


Haley Sheffield Photography

And there you have it. Our annual family photos.

Happy Friday, Friends.



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