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One Fine Day

A. Design | One Fine Day | Chic to Chic Blog

Today is one of those. A fine one. Nothing that sticks out, nothing good or bad. Saturdays (during busy season) as an accountant’s wife are pretty boring. I get lots of homework done, the house perfectly cleaned, catch up on my favorite shows and a few errands get checked off the list. Oh how I am looking forward to April 15th when tax season is over and the Saturday mornings that will no longer be spent alone – even if they are rather productive. I miss the Saturday mornings that are spent sleeping in, making homemade French toast, procrastinating on homework and Frank Sinatra putting a pep in my step. These Saturday mornings give me the time to cherish the “other” Saturday mornings and get a lot done while I’m at it.

So, on this Saturday morning as the birds chirp and the kids play outside, enjoy it – this one fine Saturday.

Happy Saturday, Friends!



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