Celebrate Good Times, Day at a Time, My Designs

On the First Day of Valentine’s…

First Day of Valentine's | A. Design

My True Love gave to me…

Monday | Hammonds Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Hearts

Tuesday | Utz Disney Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Wednesday | Gianna’s Heart Shaped Sugar Cookies

I’m one spoiled wife… I think he’s trying to make me fat. They’re hard to resist and so delicious. He knows the way to my heart. I know the way to the gym.

I’m getting so excited for tomorrow, but most importantly for our Valentine’s getaway this weekend.

Do you have a Valentine’s tradition with your special someone you do every year? Have you started a new one like the Five Days of Valentine’s my Sweetheart just started this year?

Tell me about it!

Until tomorrow, Happy Valentine’s Eve, Friends!



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