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Better sweater.

Better. | | A. Design


It’s Thursday. The week is almost over. I’m feeling better. The body is just catching up from the nasty cold that was happening the last few days. The Hubby is feeling better too. I think he might feel even better after coming home to a batch of freshly baked Peanut Butter cookies, a Pinterest favorite found here (easiest recipe ever).

But back to the cold, not the sick cold, but the snow storm everyone on the weather channel has been talking about! Yep, it made its way to Denver. I was determined NOT to wear my big, warm coat and even bigger Uggs yesterday afternoon. I wanted to look cute on my first day back as a semi-well student. So, I wore my brand new Vince Camuto flats and my classic black pea coat. Boy, did I regret it. It was a hurricane of snow by 4pm. That probably wasn’t the smartest decision I’ve ever made. Oh well, I was all dressed up to welcome the snow. That’s my fine excuse!

Where in the world are you? Has flu or snow season hit your neck of the woods? Hopefully you’re staying nice and warm and well. I’m going to brave the cold and head off to class for the night. Pray I can stay awake until 9:15pm. I may or may not have nodded off in last night’s class. Whfew, back into the swing of things.


Happy Thursday, Friends!



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