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Sweet Pop.

Sweet Pop | Chic to Chic Blog

What a handsome fellow.

Sweet Pop | Chic to Chic Blog

Grammy and Pop on the Empire State Building. My very favorite photo.

Sweet Pop | Chic to Chic Blog

On our Wedding Day. Look at that smile.

Sweet Pop | Chic to Chic Blog

My dear Pop.

I got a call from my Dad a few weeks ago on a Friday night. Matt had just gotten home from a week long business trip and I’d had a crazy week of classes. I answered the phone and my Dad told me my Pop had taken a turn for the worst. I knew he hadn’t been doing well from talking to my Aunt earlier in the week. I planned to spend the week with Pop and the family in two weeks on my Spring Break. But with my Dad’s call, he explained the doctor’s latest news, if we wanted to see him, we needed to fly out as soon as possible. Matt and I flew out early the next morning. We were greeted by my sweet Uncle who then drove us straight to see Pop. He was laying in bed, but very cheerful.

Throughout the next three days, Pop rallied. He betted on horses, watched Gone with the Wind and told me all different stories from his childhood. It was the most memorable time I will have of his life. I desperately wanted to stay for another week, but I had midterms and projects coming up before Spring break. I decided to go back after staying almost a week. Towards the end of that week, he began to become less responsive. He slept as I held his hand. I kissed his cheek every night before we left for the night.

On my last day with him, he didn’t respond to my goodbye. That was the hardest goodbye I’ve ever had to say. I kissed his cheek and left, heartbroken. I knew I probably wouldn’t see him again. On the way to the airport my Aunt comforted me. We talked about all of the sweet memories we shared with Pop and how much he loves us. I flew back and went back to classes. Whenever Pop woke up, my amazing cousin, Michael would Facetime me and I’d get to talk to Pop. He didn’t always understand what was going on, but I’d always get a little smile out of him. Those were the highlights of my week.

Our last Facetime chat was on Tuesday last week. On Friday, I got a missed call from my Dad while I was at work. I called him back when I got off. Pop had passed away early that morning. I knew it was coming. I even prepared myself before I called my Dad back, just in case.

Pop passed away. I wasn’t ready to let him go. But I had to. It was his time. My Pop was 91 years old. He was surprised everytime we told him too. He lived an incredible life. He was so loved. I’ll miss his devilish smile, his ornery comebacks and the clicking sound he always made with his lips. I’ll miss him telling me I was pretty, saying “Atta Girl” and blowing me kisses. I will forever hold onto the memories of the last weeks of his life. We love you, Pop. Tell Grammy hi from us. We miss you two.

Sweet Pop | Chic to Chic Blog

I love you, Sweet Pop.


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