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Mrs. Bride to Be & the Gals

Kylie's Shower | Chic to Chic Blog

A flight to the South. A shuttle. A dinner date. A quick chat with the fam. A late night. An early wakeup. A Starbucks breakfast run. A dress find at Target. A quick dress up and onto the Partaaay…

This weekend we celebrated my dearest friend, Kylie. She’s set to wed on the first of June and I’m one of the lucky girls to stand beside her. Weeks of planning led to the fabulous Lingerie & Bridal Shower for the lovely lady and boy was it funnn.

What happened at Kylie’s Shower, stays at Kylie’s Shower…. am I right, girls?!

A reunion of sorts with all of the gorgeous gals I haven’t seen since high school! It had been way too long. Overall it was a whirlwind, but what a fab whirlwind it was!

27 hours later back in Denver Matt & I celebrated Easter on Sunday and now it’s back to school and work for me.

Happy Tuesday, Friends!


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