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A Spring Partaaay

With Spring in the air, my mind goes to party mode. What best way to celebrate Spring than with friends at the house! The yummiest part of a dinner party is the food. For my next party, I’m thinking a fun, finger food roam around the house style party. So of course, when I get my mind set on a party, I head over to Pinterest and start pinning on my Party! Board. What better way to let out all of my plans! Here are some of the best things Pinterest has given me for past parties we’ve had  – Plus a few things I have yet to try!


A delicious, refreshing punch of sorts! Stuff that punch with lime, rasberries, cucumbers, lemons and whatever else looks and sounds good!



Speaking of fruit… try out this fun presentation. It’s especially fun for a Thanksgiving look, but for Spring – just look at those colors! The crunch of the cone and the sweet and sour fruit. It doesn’t get much more delectable or  prettier than that!


Since we’re on a fruit roll, this will be at my next party. Doesn’t it just sound incredible. What a mix of flavors and incredible coloring! Spicy and sweet! Can’t wait to make this next!


Prosciutto on those little breadsticks that always appear in Glee. Seriously sounds amazing. A little protein and a bit of carbs.


Bruchetta. These were a huge hit at two different Christmas parties last year. Easy to make and they just melt-in-your-mouth!


For a sweet fruit dessert, try these mini strawberry cheesecake deserts. Easy to make and oh so delish!


So maybe I’m lacking on protein, but would you come to a dinner party serving these finger foods? Seriously! They all sound perfect on this warm Spring day! I can’t wait to start setting up and don’t worry there will be plenty of pictures of how they actually turn out! If you try any of these finger foods out, tell me! I’d love to hear how it went! Just click on my Party! Board link to find the recipes! Enjoy!


Happy Monday, Friends!



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