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The Founding Fathers.

I once read, “Anyone can be a Father, but it takes a real man to be a Dad.” That couldn’t be more true and today I’d like to introduce you to my three Dads.

Daddy & Me | Chic to Chic | www.chictochicblog.wordpress.com

Well hello there Daddy. You look like a Hipster I must say and not much has changed. My dad, he’s a wonderful example showing me how to enjoy life to the fullest and never settling for anything less than what I want. He tells stories of life as a child living in the urban city of Philadelphia, playing stickball, sneaking into basketball games and the nicknames the boys all had growing up. He tells stories of his travels backpacking across Europe and seeing all of the different countries, staying in hostiles and even sleeping by the river to make his dreams possible of traveling the beautiful continent. My Dad, he’s one incredible dude. We may not have lived together for most of my life, but this man always made a way for us to see each other. When I was too little to fly alone, he’d fly across the country to pick me up, fly to the East Coast and then back to the West Coast to drop me off again. He always wanted and wants me to get all I can out of life, to make all of my dreams come true and to strive to experience all of the experiences there are in this wild life, just like he did. His dream was to always live by the water and to travel whenever possible. Since I was born his house was always on the water. Now he lives on the beach in California. He’s as tan as ever and still looks the same as he did 20 years ago. Here’s to you, Dad – the most laid back, tissue-holding, surfer dude that doesn’t surf and the most incredible Dad I could’ve asked for. You always want what’s best for me, but never hesitate to support my crazy wild life goals and dreams. I love you – do do do do do do DO DO. Happy Father’s Day!

Daddy Mike & Me | Chic to Chic | www.chictochicblog.wordpress.com

Daddy Mike, you came into my life at the ripe young age of three. You gave me a stuffed Mickey Mouse and you always had time to play with me. You flew me through the air in my “flight suit”, always took me to gun shows, car shows and house hunting. You encouraged my love of fashion, love of expensive things and that if I couldn’t pick one, to buy both. You always wanted and want me to have the best of everything I can even if it costs a little extra. You gave me my love for coffee, taught me how to ride my bike and ski, and always knew from the beginning I was good at design. Bamboo, you called me. To this day I don’t know where that came from, but it stuck. You spoiled me rotten, ate my pretend food and baked cakes in your pretty headboard. The car you bought me for my eighteenth birthday was one of the best gifts you ever gave me and I don’t know how I’ll part with it when it sells. I’ll never forget that first Christmas together when we fed Mom’s cereal to Santa’s reindeer all over the front lawn, sat by the window looking for Santa’s sleigh and the next morning found Santa’s boot prints on the front porch. THAT was amazing. You taught me traditions and how important they are. You taught me that every little thing is important and should be celebrated. Happy Wednesday we said. Finishing the school year wasn’t celebrated perfectly unless we got a whole new outfit for the occasion. Chocolate oranges from London and a train under the tree. You gave me all of these special memories and I’ll always be forever thankful you came in to my life. I love you, Daddy Mike! Happy Father’s Day!

Splash Mountain | Chic to Chic | www.chictochicblog.wordpress.com

See that bright orange shirt? That’s my Father-in-Law, or Papa Brian as I call him. See that red shirt? That’s me. I was eleven in this shot and that’s most of the gang riding Splash Mountain. Little did I know, 9 years later they would become not just family friends, but my family. Papa Brian has been in my life since I was four years old. Of course, I didn’t know then one day he’d be my husband’s Dad and the grandfather to my future kids. And I couldn’t have asked for a better person to fill those shoes. He is an amazing Dad and a wonderful example to my husband, Matt of what a great Father and Husband should be. He loves God and his family more than anything. He’s the life of the party and knows how to dance. He plays basketball in local tournaments as well as with pros practicing at the gym, runs miles on the weekend and is an avid cardboard granola eater. He’s mastered youtube surfing better than most, plays bass like no other and always knows how to make us laugh – especially during family pictures. He always knows how to have a good time and gives the best hugs! I couldn’t be more thankful for such a special father-in-law. I love you, Papa Brian and thank you for creating such a wonderful son!

That’s my three days late, but still going strong Father’s Day post to the Founding Fathers! I love ya’ll!

Happy Wednesday, Friends!


2 thoughts on “The Founding Fathers.

  1. Darlene and the Crew says:

    AUBREY! I was just reading this to Daddy, and of course CRIED AGAIN! Loved all the tiny details that you remember! Daddy said, “Save it”! He really liked it. We love you and are SO proud of all your accomplishments!

  2. Papa Brian says:

    Dear Aubrey,

    Matt picked the best wife and I got the sweetest daughter-in-law I possibly could have received in you. What joy you bring to all of us. Thanks for including me in your daddy blog. I’m honored to be apart of your Daddy line up! Oh, again congratulations on moving up to the penthouse in downtown Denver. Papa Brian


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