Day at a Time

Eat. Drink. Create.


About a month ago I was invited to attend an event called Eat. Drink. Create. for local creatives here in Denver. Since I am new to the design, blog and creative world, I jump at the chance to meet creatives.

You see, creatives see the world differently. For example, we don’t just read a poster on a bulletin. We analyze it. We name the fonts in our head that are used. We question their use of the grid, their color choice and then maybe we actually love it or don’t. We creatives can’t just look at normal things and pass them by. Everything we see is art and must be cherished and thought of as such.

So, back to the event. It’s actually tomorrow night and I’m lying awake thinking about it – who I’ll meet, what I’ll learn, how inspired I’ll be afterward. This will be one of my first meet ups with bloggers and creatives and if you can’t tell or if I haven’t mentioned it enough, I can hardly contain my excitement. Any chance to meet new friends, but especially creative friends is a wonderful opportunity.

When I get back, I’ll let you know how it went!

Have a Happy Thursday, Friends!


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