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City Dwellers | A Move or Two


Well hello there, friends! It’s been a few days! We’ve been busy over here. I can finally announce my dreams of living downtown have come true. We are officially city dwellers. As you can see, we’re not completely moved in, my shiny new bicycle sits in the living room for all to see. I have yet to get a bike lock. But we’ve come pretty far moving everything in. There are still a few things at our little garden level that have to be brought over, but we’ve been staying in our new place since Sunday! I’ve been a little preoccupied with getting settled that I’ve slacked on posting. Well that and the fact that I’m writing from my phone to tell you we’re still alive because we won’t have Internet until Friday. I couldn’t wait until then to share a little sneak peek into my favorite spot in the house. As soon as the Internet is up and running I want to give you a little tour of the rest of the place. I’ll even share a few things I want to add to the loft for fun! If you can’t tell, I’m beyond excited with our new home and I can’t wait to share it with you! So be on the lookout for my mini series, City Dwellers. I hope y’all had a fantastic weekend!

Happy Wednesday, Friends!


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