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Love Yourself Linkup: Inward Beauty

Today I am writing as part of the Love Yourself Linkup – an ongoing blog series that focuses on topics like self image and body image. A community of women post their thoughts on these topics and tell stories of personal experiences.We’ll share what inspired us, challenged us and more! Learn more about the Love Yourself Linkup at Anne the Adventurer. If you have a story to share too, join the conversation by writing and clicking to enter below!

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We as women today, encourage each other to love our outsides, love our curves, our hair, our eyes, our physical appearance. But what about our insides? From our insides come many things that eventually make us who we are. Have you heard the quote by Lao Tzu?

Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habit. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

This is such a powerful thought. Everything we do and say stems from our insides. Are we thinking kind thoughts about others? Are we thinking positively? Are we keeping mindful of our innermost thoughts, keeping them pure and kind? Are those thoughts helping us use words to build others up, acting in a way we can be proud of, creating habits that characterize us an honest, pure, thoughtful and a beautiful person – from the inside out? Think about it? What we see on the outside is a reflection of the inside. Do you love your insides? They can be so lovely if we think on things that are right and true.

Happy Tuesday, Friends!


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2 thoughts on “Love Yourself Linkup: Inward Beauty

  1. tide & bloom says:

    Love that quote. Especially the last line; I don’t know if I’ve ever read anything more true in my life. So it makes sense that to nourish our destiny, we must first nourish our character. Thank you for that!


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