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Love Yourself Link Up: Enjoy Yourself

Today I am writing as part of the Love Yourself Linkup – an ongoing blog series that focuses on topics like self image and body image. A community of women post their thoughts on these topics and tell stories of personal experiences.We’ll share what inspired us, challenged us and more! Learn more about the Love Yourself Linkup at Anne the Adventurer. If you have a story to share too, join the conversation by writing and clicking to enter below!

Enjoy Your Own Company | Aubrey Hubbell Design | Chic to Chic Blog |

Do you feel better after being with a group of friends or when you’re alone to recharge? It’s so important to be social and to be surrounded by good friends, but some days, it’s good to enjoy your own company. You and you, that’s all. Being by yourself gives you time to think, pray and really work on your inner and outer self. I love being with my husband and doing things together. Sometimes I forget that while I have my alone time while he’s at the office, he needs his time to recharge after work. Whether it’s going on a run, reading a book or taking a nap. Having alone time is very important. It brings you to your focus and puts things into perspective. When I’m feeling overwhelmed and stressed, my favorite thing to do is just sit and write down everything that’s on my mind, to do lists, my five year plan or things I need to buy in the next few months to FINALLY make our new home feel like home. After writing all of that down, I read through it and I always feel so much better. I see that everything that’s scattered in my brain is now organized and all of a sudden I don’t feel so overwhelmed. How do you use your alone time? Do you use it to unwind or recharge?

Happy Tuesday, Friends!


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3 thoughts on “Love Yourself Link Up: Enjoy Yourself

  1. Alone time is so essential for me. I feel like I function a million times better if I have time to recharge. It’s funny because sometimes Matt and I will be in separate parts of the house in solitude, him reading, me writing with earphones in–but I always remind myself this is not a bad thing! We are regrouping and taking a breath before adventuring out together. Great post, Aubrey!


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