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The Habit of Being Grateful

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Well hello, friends! Fall has sure fallen upon us in the last few weeks and along with Fall comes a feeling of Thanksgiving. Of course we should be thankful and grateful every part of the year, but it’s a special reminder around this time. As the air gets cooler and the evenings darken sooner, I think to myself how truly grateful I am for everything I have and for everything that surrounds me. Not just the physical, but the love, the comfort, the belonging. Having a beautiful home to come to, a loving husband and a refrigerator filled with food. It’s the little things too, like a postcard in the mail, a phone call in the middle of the day and finding a quote that expresses exactly how you feel.

Little and big, we all have so much to be grateful for. In a world consumed by the superficial, it’s good to dwell on being grateful for the things we can’t touch or express. Feelings and desires, faith and expectations. These are all things to be grateful. So as the leaves start to change and the evening grow cooler, cultivate the habit of being grateful.

Happy Tuesday, Friends!


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