Celebrate Good Times, City Dwellers

City Dwellers | A Weekend Dinner Party

Darling Magazine | Illustration by Natalia Swarz | Layout by Aubrey Hubbell | Chic to Chic Blog www.chictochicblog.wordpress.com

Darling Magazine | Illustration by Natalia Swarz | Layout by Aubrey Hubbell

Being a wonderful hostess is something I hope to achieve in my near future. It means so much to me to be able to have friends and family to our home, make them feel comfortable and relaxed and fill them with delicious food and good company. This little snippet from Darling Magazine embodies everything I’d like my home to be and how I feel as our guests arrive. This weekend we had a lovely couple over for dinner. They’re great friends with the best stories and always leave us with feelings of a good time. Anita is an incredible cook. So I encouraged her to share a recipe and I’d buy all the ingredients before her arrival. We then prepared the main course together, a stuffed chicken with a side of green beans, rosemary bread and a fruit and walnut salad with a yummy lemon honey dressing. It was a feast and so much fun to prepare together. The boys chatted and ate the spinach and artichoke dip I had ready for their arrival, while we bustled around in the kitchen. In the end, we sat and enjoyed a wonderful meal with the best company. Saturday morning was filled with cleaning in preparation of our guests and I even found the time to create a fall-like atmosphere. A last-minute fall arrangement and mini centerpiece sat in the center of the table. Little pumpkins were sprinkled all around the main area and it was a fabulous memory made. Being the perfectionist I am, I can stress a bit too much beforehand, but at the end of the night, I was happy as could be. Knowing that we were able to share our home with good friends and make a night of it, makes me feel that I’m that much closer to being a wonderful hostess. There’s nothing like lovely friends, delicious food and priceless memories.

I can’t wait to share the recipes and little details that helped make this dinner party unforgettable. Be on the lookout!

Happy Monday, Friends!


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