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This morning you can find me warming up on the elliptical in our building’s mini gym. I’ve been slowly making progress again on this goal of balancing life as a college student, freelancer, wife, blogger, hostess, healthy eater/regular gym visiter, Christian, friend, city dweller and whatever new label comes my way. The truth is, I love being busy. I love being all of the above, but like I mentioned last night, I can feel a little overwhelmed. This morning I had a hard time waking up, but after I rolled out of bed, I took some time for me. Because I may strive to be the best at all of those things on that list, but sometimes I have to work at being the best me. You know, the gal behind all of those other titles. I put a lot of pressure on myself to be the closest to perfect I can be at various things and not just for myself, but for other people as well. I strive to be real, but I try to be that perfect idea of wife, Christian or freelancer too. I’m slowly learning that there is no such thing as perfect. I can do my best and that should be perfect. And maybe perfect isn’t the right word, but my best should be enough.

We moved into our new loft in the city in August. It’s been a process. With any new home, it’s easy to get caught up in all the new things you’d like to add to make it “perfect”. I’ve been working on this desire for everything to be perfect, now. When in reality buying the twenty even things on my list, is going to take time. Same with building my business, getting a regular work out schedule and being a good hostess. I’m learning time is so essential. Being impatient just stresses me out, but if I’m patient, things will slowly work out, for the better even, in time.

Time is filled with progress, experience, practice and so many other things that take you where you want to go. I’m learning to be thankful for time. The time it’s taking me to finish my degree – it’s providing me with resources, networking opportunities, friends and so much learning to be better and grow as a person and as a creative. The time it’s taking to become a better hostess – it’s providing me with memories, better recipes and closer friendships. The time it’s taking to be blogger – it’s providing me with relationships, opportunity to express myself, showing me a desire I never knew I had to write and it’s exposing me to incredible communities. The time it’s taking to build my business as a freelancer – it’s giving me so many new experiences and opportunities to work with amazing businesses, learn more about who I am and would like to be, a chance practice those skills I’m learning as a student and really showing me a me way to connect to people and what they’re passionate about.

So much time has passed giving me the strength to overcome challenges and obstacles, making me better as time goes on. Time, it’s truly a gift from God. It’s something that is filled with details only the person can tell about. Time is so important for growth and gives us the opportunity to be the best we can be. It gives us the chance to make mistakes and find ourselves in every facet of who we are and want to become. As a normally impatient gal, I’m learning time is not only important, but we will never get it back.

What will you do with your time? How have you seen time and patience combined change you for the better?

Happy Wednesday, Friends!



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