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Motivation in the Form of Unmotivation

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I’m being real this morning – Ever have those days where you feel completely unmotivated with the huge pile of work sitting in front of you? That was me yesterday. I think it was part overwhelming and part exhaustion. Well, today I’m playing catch up in the form of an early morning work out, the fastest getting ready session and a sprint to the school computer lab to finish a project by this afternoon! Whfew! I’m already tired thinking about it, but I can’t slow down. I should have all kinds of energy stored up from yesterday’s brain pause (aka Pinterest and Netflix binge). Sometimes one just just needs a day to recover from Monday, anyone with me?

*Update: I didn’t have the fastest getting ready session, but I did create a vintage inspired fashion statement – complete with a middle part and shift dress. I couldn’t sprint to the computer lab due to the other fashion statement, shown in the elevator on my Instagram page, here. But, now I’m safely in the lab and after I’ve posted this little blog post here, I’ll be back in business and ready to catch up on my unmotivation from yesterday. It’s funny how when specific things call for your attention, everything else just seems so much more interesting.. like how will I decorate my home in five years? What am I going to wear next week? I should really work on my photography skills…. Yes, this is my brain right now and none of that is on my to do list for today. Oops, anyone else feel like this? Okay, I’m sure you’ve heard enough from this scatter brained gal.

Happy Wednesday, Friends!


7 thoughts on “Motivation in the Form of Unmotivation

  1. stacysadventures says:

    My brain is soooo overloaded from school and life that I can see the steam coming out of my ears from the wheels spinning so fast inside my neurons. I need winter break to get here fast, fast, fast!


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