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A little bit of it all.

A bit of it all | Chic to Chic Blog |


These days have been filled with numerous things. Four deadlines for projects and an exam all in a matter of three days. It all may have been pulled off, we’ll see when the grades come back. Then came a recovery day that was filled with Netflix and lots and lots of brainstorming, rearranging and planning. I brainstormed for my final projects, all of which excite me to no end. I’ll be sure and share once they’re finished in a month. Then rearranging happened. I planned on just moving the couch back after needing to set up a makeshift tripod close to the window for a time lapse video project (Check it out HERE – but no judging, this was the first time I’ve ever done one), but as I was putting the living room back together, I got the urge to rearrange. Then after a lot of moving around, I didn’t like the new set up. Well, I liked half of it. So that led me to Pinterest searching for living room arrangements in various forms. Finally the hubby and I ended with a jam sesh of planning for our Blues [birthday] Party. Thank God, for Amazon Prime – they helped us out a lot last night with the little details – can’t wait to show ya’ll the final product!! And that was just a bit of the last four days, crazy right?! But now, I’m back and I’m excited for all the planning that’s going into our party next weekend and in 6 days I’ll be turning 23… forget that, Matt will be turning 29. Wow, that’s just weird. He’s almost 30. I’m scared of 30, but he’s taking being 29 like a champ – especially with all of my teasing. I can’t resist. It’s just the craziest thing to know that I’ve known him since I was 4 and he was 10 – now we’re adults and MARRIED. It’s just crazy. Well, anyway I hope you enjoy the little time lapse from earlier this week and while you’re over there, check out my experimental project with match moving. Both were first times using the new tools – so bare with me and try to enjoy and have an incredible weekend!

Happy Friday, Friends!


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