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Framed Movie Stars

Pop's Movie Stars | Chic to Chic Blog |

This weekend came with a flood of memories. Last week, a package arrived from my Aunt with a precious gift I had requested, my grandfather, Pop’s movie star photographs. When I was a little girl, I have many memories of going into my Pop’s basement watching old musicals he recorded, drinking malt shakes and him telling me who the beautiful men and women hanging on his walls were. They were movie stars. When my Pop was a young adult, he escorted movie stars to the theatre in the late 1930s. In that time he was able to collect photographs of those movie stars and even get several of them autographed. My Aunt sent me five of the incredible photographs.

Pop's Movie Stars | Chic to Chic Blog |

Pop's Movie Stars | Chic to Chic Blog |

This weekend Matt and I purchased gold frames and put the photographs in them. Since moving to our loft in August, I’ve wanted to hang my Pop’s photos in our hallway. And finally, this weekend we were able to. So many emotions flooded my mind as I read my Pop’s notes on the back of each photo and remembered him and our memories as we hung each one on the wall. Having these photographs hang in the hallway, keep my memories of my grandfather alive. Every time I see the pretty movie stars, I think of Pop. Memories are such a precious thing.

Happy Monday, Friends!


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